Kalpvas means the living and meditation on the banks of the Sangam. Kalpwas are considered to be highly valued at Prayag Allahabad Kumbh Mela. Kalpvas Paush remains from the 11th day of the month to Magh Month 12th day.

A person who undergoes the Kalpavasa Vrata is honoured with the title of kalpawasi A unique feature of the Indian Bathing Festivals – Kumbh Mela, Magha Mela, Etc. is that of the kalpawasis, who present a scene of Vanaprastha Dharma (retired forest life prescribed in the Vedas for couples). The kalpawasis spend their time in Kumbh Mela living an austere and minimalistic life. Urban life is very demanding and has become highly mechanical, many of us may neither have the time nor the inclination to fulfill the extreme form of austerities performed by the Traditional kalpawasis.

The idea is to get away from the everyday mundane existence and observe and absorb the true meaning of life by the learning from the religious gurus, interacting with other kalpawasis, experiencing the cultures, traditions and heritage from every part of India at one single place and maintaining a single minded devotion to the understanding of the Absolute-Truth.


Type of Accommodation Occupancy Per Room Donation for Accommodation
From 12 Jan. to 20 Feb. 2019
Dormitory 10 Rs.21,000/- per person
Economy 02 Rs.1,11,000/- for 2 person
Economy Family 04 Rs.1,31,000/- for 4 person
Deluxe 02 Rs.1,31,000/- for 2 person
Deluxe Family 04 Rs.1,51,000/- for 4 person
Premium 02 Rs.1,75,000/- for 2 person

Please Note: -

  1. Pick up & Dropping charges Extra as per the number of person & Vehicle Required.
  2. Meals will be on demand -@ Rs.700/- per person/day for all meals (Bed Tea, B/F, Lunch & Dinner).
  3. Taxes will be charged extra as applicable.

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